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Listed among the leading players in the industry, we are involved in providing wallpaper-designing services, we design and craft wallpaper keeping in mind the interior of the place and theme to give your place a lively and dynamic environment. Also, we make use of high-quality materials and beautiful color shades for wallpaper designing. We provide perfect finish along with clean design, which will make your wall beautiful for years.
Wallpaper manufacture developed far beyond the expectations of the early makers. From the very beginning, wallpaper had been regarded as a substitute for tapestry, painted cloth, leather, and wood paneling, and the first wallpapers were esteemed because they so cleverly and inexpensively simulated the appearance of more costly hangings. Later designs, however, expressed the decorative possibilities inherent in the medium itself. In France and England new and varied styles became available—chintz patterns, satin grounds, and stripes, to mention but a few—and technical advances were making wallpaper more widely accessible. The first machine for printing wallpaper, and, shortly thereafter, Louis Robert designed a process for manufacturing endless rolls.